Hello, I search ti use nuxeo-template-rendering-6.0.1 with my custom document type. But, when I put the content widget in my custom document type, I doesn't have the choice to use a template document. It work with a document type like file but not with my custom document type. alt text

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when I read : I think that the problem is perhaps with the content file widget ????? I use the dublin core Content, it's the same than in the file document type ???

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You are actually right. Template rendering addon redefines the default content widget. I think the one used is named fileWithTemplate as it is declared here:

the source of the widget are here.

Unfortunately, I do not have time right now to take a deeper look and make sure it's this one.

PS : One thing about It does not work as a forum, for this kind of replies, it would be better to commente my answers so that in the end, we get the correct answer and not a list of answers that are actually some precisions about the question :)


Ok thanks you, I try to copy this widget and use it in studio but the value "c:if test="#{widget.mode == 'create'" is false while I'm in design mode. I doens't understand where the problem is.

I think this is already the case : alt text

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I did not check, but I guess it's because you have no template that can be associated with your custom doc type. For that , you have to create a new template and make it available for your custom doc type.


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