how to add custom fields to nuxeo-invite component

I've user directory with custom fields added for instance “area”, when i create a new user and set his password it works fine and the field “area” is present but when i create a new user without setting his password the “nuxeo-invite” is launched and the new field “area” is not filled, i've made the contribution below and the new field is added to the table “userinfo” but that field is not filled and is not copied to the users table, any clue will be appreciated

<extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.core.schema.TypeService"
    <schema name="userinfo" src="schemas/custom-userinfo.xsd"
            prefix="userinfo" override="true"/>
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Hi Jesus,

Have you followed the step by step instructions described in ? It shows you how to add a new user field.

Once done, there shouldn't be any issue in using something like user:area property.

Have a great day

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Yes and it works fine, the issue is when as administrator creates a new user and not set a password for this one, at this moment the "nuxeo-invite" component send a email to the user with a link to activate its account, then the user go to the link to register its password and after registered the user is created but without the "area" field, i've made a contribution overriding the "userinfo" schema, creating new doc type and configuration following the links below but nothing works.

I've taken the link below also just as a reference (i've not installed this addon) but nothing