Automatic versioning

What exactly is necessary to enable automatic versioning with e.g. Office or OpenOffice documents?

I want to achieve a basic versioning workflow (I assume this is similar to what is needed in many configuration management environments):

  1. User opens the Word document with the “Edit online” button.
  2. User adapts the Word document
  3. User clicks “Save in Nuxeo” in “Add-ins” ribbon menu
  4. LiveEdit plugin asks if version number needs to be increased (minor or major). The user clicks yes
  5. The Word property “Version” is updated according to the user setting (minor or major)
  6. The Version metadata/value in Nuxeo is updated (see previous setting)

The current way of working (pressing “Increment minor/major version” in the “Edit” menu and then changing the document afterwards or vice versa is not straightforward and not really motivating employees to think the “CM way”.

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The way you describe is what we expect for versioning into LiveEdit, but it is not yet implemented. And it will be very clear for users.

But for now, you have a server configuration that enables version increment while a file is saving with LiveEdit. This page explains what it is needed to do to enable LiveEdit auto-versioning.

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