Disable thumbnail generation for Office mime-types

How do you go about disabling thumbnail generation for certain mime-types? We would like to disable the thumbnail generation for Office docs to reduce unnecessary conversions (and load), since honestly a small thumbnail image isn't very useful for a multiple-worksheet Excel file. I thought I would be able to just remove mime-types from the “anyToThumbnail” converter (source, but that didn't pan out and the thumbnails were still being generated. I even went and removed the same mime-types from the “any2pdf” converter, and that didn't help either (I think those are for previews anyway).

I'm not sure why this isn't working since I had previously added some mime-types to these extensions points to generate previews and thumbnails (for Apple keynote files), but removing items doesn't seem to be work. I'm thinking that the XML extension is additional to the source converters so if I remove an entry I add, it is still found in the source—correct me if I'm wrong.

My goal is to be able to selectively remove thumbnail generation for certain mime-types and then have a generic icon/thumbnail show instead (these could be the defaults in Nuxeo, although I would likely override those to something different). Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I've looked at that and unfortunately it isn't what we would like to compute from (mime-type). I did try to remove certain sourceMimeTypes from the converter using an XML extension, but the conversion service proceeds with a merge when encountering an override, so that doesn't work (I can add but not remove mime-types). I suppose I could use the doctype "File" to change the thumbnail, but we would likely lose more than we gain from that option. If I could do that and then set certain default icons/thumbnails based on mimetypes that could possibly work. But I'm not sure of a low code solution for that (if possible).