How can I upload multiple documents into Nuxeo?

What is the most efficient way to upload multiple documents into Nuxeo DM?

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The easiest way to upload a bunch of file is to drag 'n drop them into an HTML5-compliant browser. Plus it's configurable to match custom use cases! See Drag and Drop Service for Content Capture

The other way is to mount Nuxeo as a WebDAV or Sharepoint drive and drag and drop files from your filesystem to the mounted Nuxeo in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. See: Working with WebDAV in Nuxeo

If you really have lots of files, then you should use the bulk importer framework to help you manage bulk importsand fine tune the import phase. But that's really useful when you have more than several thousands of files to import, or need special processing at import time.

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You can use the nuxeo-platform-importer plugin.

It can be downloaded using the marketplace package called “Bulk document importer”, or you can build it from sources.



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If multiple but not so much, you can still do it manually using HTML 5 drag and drop and smart import