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I have Nuxeo DM 5.4.2, running on Tomcat.

I followed the tutorial on and

Now, I have been searching for the “Publication targets” tab sub-page in the “Manage” tab page. I couldn't see it: neither as the Administrator or as a user who manages everything in a workspace.

alt text

I already made a section called “Published random things”

alt text

Am I missing something here ?

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I did the test on a fresh 5.4.2 version and as Administrator I can see the “publication targets” tab, so please tell if you did anything different or if this is still not working for you.

What I did was:

  • I connect as Administrator
  • I go to the section root
  • I create a section named Test
  • I go to the Workspace root
  • I create a workspace named MyWorkspace
  • I Click on manage and I see that:

alt text

Just to give you the whole answer. This “Publication targets” tab is visible when:

  • The user have the right access
  • The document have the publishing schema => only Workspace doc type by default.
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Any updates ?