Why do I need searchAllVersions?

I used the nuxeo-bulk-importer to load a few thousand pieces of content. It was new content being loaded into a new workspace.

I issued the following cmis query select * from cmis:document where cmis:name='myname.xml'.

The query would only find a match if I passed searchAllVersions=true. What am I missing?

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You have to use searchAllVersions=true because you're searching for the private working copies present in your workspaces and not the checked in versions that have been archived previously (if any).

This is part of the CMIS spec, which is biased for a world where most documents are archived versions whereas the working documents in Nuxeo as seen as private working copies in CMIS terms.

FYI the use of searchAllVersions=true is mentioned in the CMIS for Nuxeo documentation.

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