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Dear Nuxeo Users/Developers,

I am testing nuxeo 10.2 platform I installed two add ons from Nuxeo Online services I installed with mp-install addon started nuxeo-arender (id: nuxeo-arender-1.0.0) addon started nuxeo-arender-connector (id: nuxeo-arender-connector-1.0.0)

but when I test, I got a message : Chrome: Localhost refused connection Microsift Edge: Make sure that you’ve got the right web address: http://localhost:8080 when I look in linux (Centos 7): netstat -tulpn | grep 1990 nothing is running

So it seems that this arender servcie is not running? Or I have to install other things?

kind regards, Ismet

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ARender is not a open source component. You need to discuss with your Nuxeo sales representative to get a demonstration.

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is there an opensource alternative for Arender ( I need annotations solution to make remarks on a document/picture

Dear Funsho,

I just installed with: ./nuxeoctl mp-install nuxeo-arender ./nuxeoctl mp-install nuxeo-arender-connector

nothing more, I thought that what yiu referring was an alternative way

can you explain me what I have to do I tried once but no luck i installed docker, and run: docker login i got a message Authentication error

what is the easiest way ? I am not a that technicl, could you explain me step by step

Regards, Ismet

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Hello, Did you run the rendition server as described in the following link : ?

Regards, Funsho David

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