Unauthorized when getting docker 11

Hi guys,

While my nuxeoctl is not working in 11.4.42, I was trying to get the docker image to work on that one, however, when performing the following command:

docker login docker-private.packages.nuxeo.com -u ciro.theodoro@ironmountain.com -p mytoken, I'm receiving the following message: WARNING! Using –password via the CLI is insecure. Use –password-stdin. Error response from daemon: login attempt to https://docker-private.packages.nuxeo.com/v2/ failed with status: 401 Unauthorized

Do I need to enable anything?


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As described in https://doc.nuxeo.com/nxdoc/docker-image/, the Docker image of LTS 2021 is private. You can request access from a support ticket for a client.

Note: the 11.4 docker image and LTS 2019 docker image is public.


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Thank you Greg… I was able to create a docker image with 11.4.42 and run it… thanks again for the tips…