use PhpAutomationClient with CAS

Hi! In a project I need to use the PhpAutomationClient to retrieve some documents. I'am using the drupal's CMS with CAS Module. When I use default login and password to create a session like this, it's work.

client = new PhpAutomationClient('http://ip:8080/nuxeo/site/automation'); $session = $client->GetSession('Administrator','Administrator');

But when I want to use the connected user to do a request to retrieve some documents, I can't do that because I can't get the password of this user. So, I use CAS and I want to know if exists a way to use the granting ticket to create a session for the PhpAutomationCLient and do requests.

Sorry for my bad english. Thanks for your help.

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Hello I think PORTAL_AUTH may be what you're looking for, as it allows you to use any user session without knowing his password

Hope this helps

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Thanks aCordier for your post. It's a good help. But is it possible to use CAS2_AUTH and a PORTAL_AUTH with nuxeo ? If it is possible how i can do this configuration. Because I have a CAS server for severals applications and I want to use a user from another application without know his password to do some requests on nuxeo.

Thanks for your helps.

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Thanks a lot aCordier for your help it was very useful. Now I have still a problem to retrieve my session which were created by CAS with AutomationClient without use the basic authentication like (login/password).