Creating Nuxeo Automation client sessions using users other than Administrator

We are using the nuxeo automation client in the following standard way.

HttpAutomationClient client = new HttpAutomationClient( “http://localhost:8080/nuxeo/site/automation”);

Session session = client.getSession(“Administrator”, “Administrator”);

It works fine.

We have a number of user which are in the administrative group. They have been retrieved from Sqlserver DB.

We want to be able to create Nuxeo Automation client sessions using these users rather than the 'Administrator' user. It give authentication failure when we try to create a session from any user other than 'Administrator' although the other users are in Administrator group just like the 'Administrator'. If we use the Nuxeo UI we can sign in using these users. But cant get client session using the nuxeo automation client. Is there any way to do this ?


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Update on this one. We are able to login to automationclient when we create users from the UI.

We are not able to do that when we have setup the automation client to get users from sqlserver. We think we have to make some configuration changes in the automation server. Can anyone guide us on how to make the changes ?


We are trying to do the same where we would like to use the actual user as opposed to the default "Administrator" to get the nuxeo automation client session. That way when the user check in the document it is associated with that user.

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I know, that it bypasses your question, but more usefull is using this way for authorisation:

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Thanks for the info. We will considering doing it this way. But is there anyway of doing it as mentioned in the question above?