CAS SSO for REST client

Hi Folks, We have implemented CAS-SSO between Liferay and Nuxeo applications. We want to upload documents from Liferay to Nuxeo via REST client. So in this case, the user has already logged into the Liferay web application. How to bypass the REST API authentication to upload the document programatically? The below question resembles my concern. I have tried with portal_auth and all. But couldn't solve the issue.

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you could use CAS Proxy features so that the portal acts on behalf of the authenticated user (used for IMAP for instance).

It might be a bit heavy for stateless access (though the example in Nuxeo doc mentions “The portal saves the client context for being able to invoke Nuxeo using the same HTTP session”.)

You could also take a look at PORTAL Auth and impersonate the connected user (login retrieved from CAS).

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