How Nuxeo transcode assets


I am new to Nuxeo, it looks very promising.

I would like to understand more about how videos are being transcoded after ingestion? As per this post: It looks like videos are automatically transcoded. How scalable is the default auto transcoding? Are the videos trsanscoded on the webserver?

In a Cloud setup, I would like to offload transcoding to a cloud service or a custom service in the cloud such as ElasticTranscoder or Zencoder. Can this be achieved without too much hurdle?

Thank you

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Internally Nuxeo makes use of a Converter abstraction. You can register or replace converters through XML contributions to the converter extension point, specifying to which MIME types they apply to. These contributed conversion classes have to implement a simple Converter interface but can then delegate to any third-party service.

So yes you can do anything you want.

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