Is it possible to have Automatic Transcoding of Video assets based on pre defined transcoding profile ?

I'm currently evaluating Nuxeo for DAM purpose and I'm struggling to find informations about the way to have automatic transcoding of video after their upload.

Is it possible to define transcoding profiles and use them for automating the transcoding process ?

Best Regards, Hugues

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I just wrote a blog post explaining how to setup the video conversions in Nuxeo:

Let me know if this answers your question.

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@Bruce, when you say “write a listener to create transcodings when a new video is created”, are you pertaining to “Select the input automation chain”? How do you add transcoding library in nuxeo?

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This capability is not built into Nuxeo DAM, however, it could be added as a custom features. Add your favorite transcoding Library (that has a usable api), create a new Video Transcoding profile document type (to define transcoding rules for a given type/size/? of video), and then write a listener to create transcodings when a new video is created.

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