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I will have many Nuxeo instances independent from each other. Possibly using the “Multi-tenant” plugin, but ultimately they will remain segregated.

I would like to deploy an independant farm of Nuxeo servers for transcoding all the job from all my instances. I know a nuxeo servers is associated to one single DB, but would it be possible to have those transcoding servers connected to all my instances somehow and process the transcoding jobs for all of them?

I am cautious about resources and dedicated transcoding servers per DB doesn't sound optimized. I'd like to mutualize those resources.

Thank you Nicolas

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At the moment there's no built-in way to do this. You would need to write a new converter for your specific types (this is easy, a small Java class and some XML) that does remote calls to a transcoding server. The server code would have to be written (or an existing one used).

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thanks for confirming