Are Nuxeo DAM video thumbnail or storyboard images exposed through CMIS?

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I have updated the question, so I'm just asking for a yes or no…

I am doing some tests with the Apache Chemistry CMIS PHP client. I am stuck trying to figure out how to get the video thumbnail images (all I have got is the generic video icon by calling getRenditions). Is it possible to access the video thumbnails created by Nuxeo DAM from a cmis client?

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+1 I'd like to know this too. Also I'd like to know how to do conversion / transcoding through API.

Even I have the same trouble.. Will anyone answer please???

For those asking, I am finally using the PHP Rest client instead of CMIS, it does the job perfectly and you can get both the thumbnails and storyboard images.

You're misunderstanding the goal of CMIS. CMIS is a generic (cross-vendor) content access method, that only has generic file-related features. It's not able (nor designed to) access all Nuxeo features. If you want to access Nuxeo-specific features, then you need to use a Nuxeo-specific interface like Nuxeo Automation.

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As commented above, I have been using the PHP Rest client instead of CMIS. Check here:

You can get the thumbnail building an url such as this one ($uid refers to the document's Uid):


And any of the storyboard images with this one ($index is the image index and can be 0..7 i think):



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