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I realize this is in the sandbox - but this component has some interesting capabilities for us. In experimenting with it - I've defined an automation action to be taken upon retention expiration that removes a document (and does some other things) once its retention period expires. However, the endRetention method in the RetentionComponent expects the object to still reside in the repository after it executes the defined end retention action. So I wonder if I'm trying to do something that wasn't intended - i.e. that the component wasn't designed to support or - maybe I'm just trying to do it the wrong way. Help is appreciated. Thanks

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Hello Eric,

That's an interesting point. The original requirement for this implementation was that the record was going to stay in the repository, but marked as expired to allow users to query these expired documents. You won't be able to remove it using the “endAction” because of the save done right after. If you need to remove it, you could add a listener on the “retentionExpired” event and remove the document in the listener.

Let me know if this answers your question,



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