Search layout checkbox - how to ignore it if the user does not want to filter by it


I'm defining my own search layout for a new search and have the need to filter by some boolean values. The problem I'm facing is that since you include a “checkbox” widget for your search layout definition, it will always be “true” or “false”, but the user can not choose NOT to filter by it.

For example, figure I have a document with a lot of metadata, and some other boolean values like: “is it human?“, “does he speak French?“, “was he able to pass the exam?“. I would like to have a whole search with values refering to all other metadata, AND these 3 items, but if the user does not want to filter by any of them, Nuxeo will always end up filtering by false (even if the user does not touch the checkbox).

How is this usually address? In my example, how can a user simply search by other metadata, and obtain results ignoring if the user is human, speak French, but only those who passed the exam?

Thanks in advance

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