Making a comment required based on context? Similar to a rejected task but in an Automation Chain!

Can this be done without a custom automation routine, using Studio? Or do I need to write a custom routine to require a comment be entered?

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You can do it directly into the widget definition, I think. You add a “required” into your custom properties panel in your widget configuration and express the required value trough EL expression. You are in the context of seam.

If I'm right we check if there is a require value set into the custom properties and we skip the one set in to the standard form of the widget.

If you look the help of the custom properties panel we tell:

Custom properties configuration You can use this to add additional properties to the widget, not present in the form. You can also use custom property to override the definition of a widget property configurable through the form, so as to add a dynamical definition (which is not possible in the form when property is a checkbox like “required” for instance).

Is it what you are looking for ?

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I think your answer is close but not quite complete.

The comment field is not explicitly enabled by studio on the Edit View of the document. The comment field appears on the output so it seems to be enabled as an "add-on" to the Edit View. BTW version radio buttons are also enabled in this way which I need to turn-off. Where are the comment and version widgets enabled on the edit view?