Static War Deployment Questions

After deploying and looking at the generated artifacts, I see lots of nuxe.db properties in the configuration.properites under WEB-INF.

In particular I see nuxeo.db.max-pool-size, nuxeo.vcs.max-pool-size, nuxeo.db.user etc.

When I deploy into tomcat specify the db pool size in the server.xml and also specify user and password information.

My question is how many of the are used at runtime in the static war scenario. How many do I need to or can override as -D options?

Do I need to set the pool-sizes during prior to packing for can I provide that information as -D when tomcat starts?

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In the static WAR, no properties are used. The fact that the file is here is a remnant of the packaging mechanism.

If you want to change properties, change them in a dynamic Nuxeo and re-package the static WAR. You may in some cases be able to figure out in which Nuxeo or Tomcat configuration files the properties are replaced, and change them by hand, but it's safer to do it as I described.

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