Setting config property values for properties defined in Marketplace Packages

The Marketplace Package Config “set” command appears to allow a Marketplace Package installation to set a nuxeo.conf property value.

Am I correct that the intent is for default values to be delivered with the MP and its templates and installation-specific overrides would be set by the installer? If so, how would an administrator installing the MP know which properties are being set so that he/she can override them if needed.

Would it be appropriate to prompt for these values or allow them to be set from some type of answer file?

Also, how does the Config “set” command relate to the file and “install forms” described here?

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For now, the MP wizard forms are not usable within a package which requires a restart and are not installable from the command line (see NXP-8241).

Default values are usually set in the MP template's nuxeo.defaults file.
The “set” parameter of “Config” command writes into the nuxeo.conf. I would recommend to use it in order to add sample values in comments, or default values if the MP has no template.

Providing information to the administrator about new properties would be good; we could:

  • output warning/information when a MP changes the nuxeo.conf file,
  • or, if using the Admin Center, warn the administrator when he is about to install such a MP,
  • output MP information (the "description" field from Package manifest would inform about new properties; see NXP-10171 about a mp-show command).

Prompting for those values or reading them from a given file is similar to the work needed on the Wizard forms (NXP-8241).

Other ideas are welcome.

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