Any thoughts to automating Mac OS-X install like with Windows?

Are there any plans to automate the install of the Nuxeo platform, database and add-ons (e.g., Postgresql, Open Office, ImageMagick, and FFMPEG) on Mac OS-X? It's not difficult to install the additional products, and the configuration wizard is great for a quick and simple install, but manual steps increase the probability of configuration errors and can negatively impact initial impressions.


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The plans were to automate the install independently (as much as possible) of the OS, with a tool such as IzPack. The lasts prototypes were made for Nuxeo 5.4.2, see DM JAR installer and DM APP zipped. It was not fully satisfying, especially on Windows. That's still a work in progress, even if mostly in standby right now.
Any contribution is welcome, here lives the source code:

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