How to delete the "remove" link in websites ?

I am testing the website&blog feature (5.6). All the links on webpages or documents are ending with a “remove” link (ex: " Formations remove " -> https://…../nuxeo/site/sites/formations?url/@delete). How can I delete or hide these links ?

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I did the same operation as described above and the link “remove” is still displayed. There is something that I do not understand in the process…

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Hi , What should be the path for or where should I put my customed theme-contrib.xml in custom directory ? because if I put the files in custom/config , it won't work

I edit /usr/local/nuxeo-cap-5.6.0-HF06-tomcat/templates/custom/config/theme-contrib.xml with the model above and


I delete the line with remove link remove

from /usr/local/nuxeo-cap-5.6.0-HF06-tomcat/templates/custom/config/all_webpages.xml which is a copy of /usr/local/nuxeo-cap-5.6.0-HF06-tomcat/nxserver/web/root.war/modules/org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.webengine.sites/widgets/sites/all_webpages.xml

then I restart nuxeo but the remove link is still here. thanks

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I understand that this way I can remove the “delete” link for all users, regardless their rights, even users with “delete” right ? Is that correct ?

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This comes from the file all_webpages.xml in the module nuxeo-webengine-sites, which is a WebEngine theme view named “All WebPages” registered through the theme-contrib.xml file. You can override it using:

<extension target="" point="views">
    <view name="All WebPages" template-engine="freemarker">
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