Webdriver and nuxeo server ports

I am trying to run the webdriver tests for nuxeo 5.6

I run mvn verify from \nuxeo-distribution\nuxeo-distribution-dm\ftest\webdriver\

however the server is launched on port 8080 and the webdriver tests are looking for the server on port 7055.

How do I fix this so they are both on the same port? Ideally I would like to have the webdriver tests try to connect through port 8080.

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What is (or should be) listening on port 7055 is the webdriver plugin inside the browser, which is setup automagically by webdriver when it launches the browser.

If you're getting an error that says it can't connect to that port, it's probably because you're using one of the latest versions of Firefox, which webdriver doesn't handle 100% correctly yet (same cause if you're seeing “can't access dead object” in your tests).
In that case, your best bet is to use an older version to run your tests. I believe Firefox 14 works for Nuxeo 5.6+ and Firefox 3.6 for versions before that.
You can find older Firefox releases here.

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