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Hi, I can't see any menu in the header of any gadget (reduce, full size, config…). By clicking on the header bar I found some links : total blind work ! What's wrong with my config ?

Thanks for your help, Patrice

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This issue was fixed by the HF02 for Nuxeo 5.5. Which version do you use?

It may also come from the Nuxeo RSS Reader MP, a new MP will be released with the next HF for Nuxeo 5.5. In the meantime you can uninstall this package to fix this issue.

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Thanks for your answer Thomas, here is my initial config :

nuxeo-5.5.0-HF01-1.0.0      hotfix      running
nuxeo-5.5.0-HF02-1.0.0      hotfix      running
nuxeo-5.5.0-HF03-1.0.0      hotfix      running
nuxeo-5.5.0-HF04-1.1.0      hotfix      running
nuxeo-5.5.0-HF05-1.0.0      hotfix      running
nuxeo-5.5.0-HF06-1.0.0      hotfix      running
nuxeo-content-browser-1.0.0     addon       running
nuxeo-dam-5.5.0         addon       running
nuxeo-dm-5.5.0          addon       running
nuxeo-document-count-1.0.0      addon       running
nuxeo-flavors-unicolor-1.0.0    addon       running
nuxeo-rss-reader-1.0.0      addon       running
nuxeo-social-collaboration-5.5. addon       running 

You're right : after uninstalling nuxeo-rss-reader-1.0.0 all the small icons are visible in all gadget headers. Menus works fine now.



(MP = Nuxeo Marketplace)