Difference between Java Client and Java Automation Client


I want to know the difference between the Java Client and the Java Automation Client.

What is the best to use ?

If the Java Automation Client is deprecated, why is it still maintained (versions : 9.10 / 10.2 / etc …) ?


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We still have Automation Client in our sources because we used it to test automation server. Note we don't do any improvement on it and few fixes. Furthermore still having it could help during Nuxeo Platform upgrade.

The client to use is now the Java Client. It has several features than Automation client doesn't.

  • Java client covers a lot more Nuxeo REST API than just Automation one.
  • It works with all Nuxeo version starting from 7.10 - LTS 2015

Don't hesitate if you have question about this client.


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