Best-practice for modeling references between documents?

Hi folks, is there a best-practice for modeling a reference from one document to another? For example is it a good or bad idea to have one document's schema have a “String” field that will contain a Nuxeo UID to another document? I'm aware of Relations in Nuxeo, but i think I need some additional features beyond just a relationship. Specifically, I want to keep multiple references to a document and preserve the order of the linkage.

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Don't know if it's a best practice or not but I have used a similar approach in a number of applications to model more complex relationships (and to minimize relation service overheads) including preservation of the order and hierarchy of links. In my case I haven't used UID as the key, instead I have used separate field with uniquely generated value (with some content-specific meaning). The approach works very well.

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thank you very much! this is just the kind of technique idea I was hoping to hear :-) I'm glad it's working for you in the field as well.