HELP DEBUG: New plugin bundle - seam components not installed. How to debug?

My nuxeo development project has several modules, deployed as plugins for nuxeo CAP. A new module bundle (created in the same manner than the others) has Seam components and xhtml pages.

Although there is no noticeable difference with other modules, the Seam components of this new bundle are not deployed causing error in JSF request lifecycle (Seam error “component X not found”).

That's the only error trace I have.

Activated all possible logs, the traces show that my bundle JAR is processed by nuxeo deployer: deployment-fragment file is used (nuxeo.war content is copied). But that's it. For other seam beans there are traces of “org.jboss.seam.deployment.Scanner” code, here there are none.

Already checked:

  • correct build of the bundle (obviousl as it's still partially deployed)
  • activated all log4j traces (using ALL priority)
  • checked pom and manifest file for component identification data etc, if there is a silly typo or duplicated names

That's it, running out of ideas to pursue analyse.

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god… that was it. Thank you!

glad it was that simple!

Did you create an empty file in resources?

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