Nuxeo error message following theme customisation


I've just customised nuxeo theme. I've made a wrong element duplication as my mouse slipped from my hand… :-)

Now I can't even login into nuxeo. All I get is this error message:

duplicate Id for a component ClipboardDroppable javax.servlet.ServletException: duplicate Id for a component ClipboardDroppable

Does anyone knows what to do?


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I think that you are correctly logged in but after the loggin you are redirected to a page which contains some errors.

Try after login to type directly in the adress bar this URL :


If you are in the admin center, it's good then you can go to the theme manager and fix your error or reload the default theme in the 'More actions' link.

Tip: you can use the shortcut ALT+SHIFT+T to access directly to the theme manager when you are to the default interface of Nuxeo.

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Thank you so much! 50 points!