How can I prevent a user action to be shown if the user has Write right?

I have defined a user action that only needs to be shown if the current user doesn't have Write permission on the current document. My guess is I should use the “Custom EL expression” field in Studio but I could use some guidance on what to write there.

Basically I want it to say " Show the user action this only if the user doesn't have Write permission”

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I found a ugly way to do that, waiting of a better solution:

${documentManager.hasPermission(currentDocument.getRef(), "Write") == false}
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the right way is to define a rule that deny access (grant=false) after checking the permission Write. For instance:

<action id="M_USER_ACTION" link="#{}" order="100"
  label="foobar" icon="/icons/foobar.png">
  <filter id="foobar-filter">
    <rule grant="false">
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this solution is not compliant with using Nuxeo Studio, the previous one will work better