restrict access to users during the task assignment in a workflow


I have implemented a Nuxeo 5.5 Document Management system wherein the users are be authenticated via AD -> LDAP into the members list. I then create SQL based groups and push the users into the different groups (hierarchial).

During a workflow task assignment, when the user is to be chosen, the auto complete features lists all the users within the AD. Instead I want that only users from certain groups are shown. Mostly, they should have access only to the users within their group during workflow assignment.

Is this possible? how? Can this be customised for different groups (or levels within the hierarchy), the top level having access to more groups and the lower levels only to the groups they are given permission to.

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There is no simple way to do that, you have to know well Nuxeo, JSF and Seam.

You will have to override the following widget definition:

<extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.forms.layout.WebLayoutManager"
    <widget name="actors" type="template">
        <label mode="any"></label>
      <properties mode="any">
        <property name="template">
      <properties widgetMode="edit">
        <property name="required">true</property>

And create the my_user_prefixed_suggestion_widget_template.xhtml fragment that will implement the stuff and certainly to override the bean seam or create your own bean Seam that will make the request on the directory with filter you want.

If your need is really important and you can't deal with what I explained you can contact us.

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