CMIS: Poor performance with 1M documents

Hi, we are testing Nuxeo 6.0 in order to know the performance with high number of documents. We are using a cluster with 2 nuxeo nodes and two elasticsearch nodes (4 machines in total). The performence with Nuxeo is stabble, but CMIS hangs constantly. It costs 2 minutes to create a single document or 30 seconds to get the root folder.

The database that we are consuming the information is Oracle.

CMIS worked great with a 10K documents, but with 1 million, it completily hangs.

Is there any optimization to make CMIS work?


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My experience with CMIS on Nuxeo (and Alfresco for that matter) is not good - especially with large numbers of documents and searches that may yield many results. One repository I'm working on has close to 80 million documents and although normalized CMIS access would have been great it just didn't have the required performance.

> It costs 2 minutes to create a single document or 30 seconds to get the root folder

That's obviously not acceptable. Please us a profiling tool like Oracle Mission Control or VisualVM to find out where the time is spent. Then we can find out how to improve the critical code paths you have.


Hi, There are certainly some tuning to do on the database/schema/application side, you can also run your CMIS search on Elasticsearch instead of the database using the following option in nuxeo.conf: org.nuxeo.cmis.elasticsearch=true

Regards ben

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this option is only available since 7.2 and we are using Nuxeo 6.0

ben is available since 6.0-HF07