Content of Nuxeo hotfixes and associated release notes?

I would like to know what is the content of the Nuxeo hotfixes. Is this a public information? Additionally, I would like to know whether there exists release notes associated with each hotfix and how to retrieve them. (I already know of GA versions release notes, I am focusing on hotfixes)

I have already read and understood but this is a very old thread: are these answers still valid? I know also of a recent thread .

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At this time, the public content of Nuxeo hotfixes , or “changelog page” can be found from for every Long Term Support (LTS) release since 6.0.

The “release notes”, or “installation notes” which come with some hotfixes, are indicated and linked at the top of the page for every hotfix level, together with the release date of the HotFix level. Then, lower in the page, every public fix (correction, new feature…) introduced in a particular hotfix level are listed, with a short description of the fix and a link to the Jira ticket describing more in depth what the fixed issue is.

The changelog page relevant to each particular LTS release is updated regularly and automatically as part of the HotFix build process, ensuring accuracy of the information in these links.

Notice that some of the information will not to be updated anymore, because these LTS releases are now out of maintenance period, as advertised in . At the time of writing, releases 6.0 and 7.10 (LTS 2015) are not maintained anymore, but former hotfixes are still available. Notice however that for these unmaintained releases, no new hotfix is to be expected.

Access to the delivery mechanism of Nuxeo hotfixes requires an active Nuxeo Support contract giving access to Nuxeo Online Services.

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