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Hi, I'd like to know if there is an existing documentation to create a nuxeo bundle which declare a new content type, without using nuxeo studio. More generally I'd like to know if to customize listings, create & edit forms, and document type Nuxeo studio is now the only supported and well documented solution (by nuxeo).

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Hello, the Nuxeo platform is completely configurable by XML contributions. Studio is a service that makes it much easier to create you model and Nuxeo configuration, together with validation, than writing XML by hand.

You can have a look at the extension points documentation of -> under your target Nuxeo version, click on “Contribute to and Extension” -> then filter on “doctype”. more precisely for document types for LTS 2016:

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Hi muldos Please refer I'm also searching for the same. Can't find anything other than this link. Even nuxeo documentation doesn't clearly explain anything. Most questions posted here are never answered even by moderators :(

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Hi nximp, we always try to improve our documentation, sorry if you feel it is missing stuff. Note that my answer above points at the APIDoc (aka Platform Explorer), as well as already did the answer of the question you reference. Thus at least this question had received an answer, if not sufficient feel free to ask for what is missing.

Hello Ronan, thanks for answering. Since I'm new to nuxeo platform still it seems quiet difficult to follow. I tried editing binary metadata additional fields for extracting EXIF details with no success. But never mind !! we are considering alternative apps.