How can i create a group of permission?

Hi guys,

I would like know if it's possible create a group of permission or I could define one permission that it allow me create several documents type. For example: We have the next document types

  • Document_01
  • Document_02 …
  • Document_XX
  • Case

The element “Case” can have child elements of type Document_01…, Document_XX. From Nuxeo we want that when the user click over new action inside element Case. It show all documents type on dialog without need to assign one ACL by user, document type. We want to create the permission “Document” that we can use for enable the creation for any document of type Document_XX.

On the next link, it talk about groups of permissions. But we haven't found how we can doing it. Some solutions for this scenario??

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Hi all,

We can see a example for that in this link

We can create a permission group with a point extension of permissions (target ). On the definition of new permission, we can refer to another permission that we want to group.


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