How can i see the browse permission?

I cannot see the browse permission in my nuxeo DM, is it a feature of another version? or do i have to create that permission, and if that is the case, how can i create that permission and where? i want to grant a browse permission to a specific group, because right now i have only the read permission, which its useless to me since i need a “SEE BUT NOT READ” permission, do you know what i mean? i need a group of viewers and a group of viewer and reader of the files contained in a folder

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The BROWSE permission is a default permission in Nuxeo DM defined in this contribution:

You can also have a look at this documentation:

To enable the visibility of this permission in the UI, you have to use the extension point “permissionsVisibility”–permissionsVisibility

I hope this will help you Thierry

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This question is from 2011, since there, has something been implemented to allow searching the files or browsing them but not reading/downloading?

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Note that the Browse permission will not allow you to have just document listing without file download unless you make a number of changes in the UI, as this use case, while it was considered, was never really implemented.

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