Remove Permission Automation Example

Can someone give me an example of how to use the 'Remove Permission” Automation? I want to remove the 'Read' permission for a group of users. Right now I have it looking like this, but it's not doing anything:

user=group:Non_ITAR (also tried #{group:Non_ITAR} and @{group:Non_ITAR})


I just need a function that gets the usernames in that group and out that in the “user” box.

Thank you!

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By default in the platform, you have the following operations related to ACL/ACE:

Those operations let you manage document security following their parameters.

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Thanks! For the Set ACL automation, it doesn't let me uncheck the "grant" option in order to deny read rights to groups on certain documents. Here's what I have:

Permission= Read user= Non_ITAR acl= local grant= unchecked overwrite= checked


When you say "checked" is because you're using Nuxeo Studio?