Are there any examples of using groups and then doing SetACE operation ?

We are planning to use groups to set the domain permissions for a group of users. Are there any examples on how to create a group and then call the SetACE for a group instead of a user ?

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Did you try. It must work… Did you have some trouble ?

I mean how to create to group using nuxeo operation. I can see it being done using Admin tool but how to do it using nuxeo operation by REST call.

There is no Group creation operation, neither user creation operation. You will have to create your own operation with Nuxeo IDE.

There is a Nuxeo Service that manage users and groups.

    UserManager userManager = Framework.getService(UserManager.class);
    if (userManager == null) {
        throw new Exception("unable to get userManager service");
   DocumentModel newUser = userManager.getBareUserModel();
   ... initialize values ...

idem for groups.

   DocumentModel newGroup = userManager.getBareGroupModel();
   ... initialize values ...

see user.xsd schema and group schema for field names.

Hope this will help you.

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But how do we set permissions to a group ? Can we use setACE for a group instead of a user ?

Just put the group name