How to optimize permissions on Nuxeo


I use Nuxeo 10.10 (LTS 2019).

When i try to set permission to a large folder , the operation takes 23h to finish. And i have to do that for each group because when i set permission to one group, it's impossible to set permission for an other group as long as the last operation isn't finished.

The parameter aclOptimization was set to true.

I've tried to (steps):

  1. set aclOptimization to false
  2. set permission to all groups
  3. execute SELECT nx_rebuild_read_acls();
  4. set aclOptimization to true

With this solution it takes 4h but i'm not sure if is the right thing to do (i use this documentation :

Is there another way to set permission to all groups in one time then execute the same procedures as if aclOptimization=true ? And/Or in less time if possible ?

Thank you.

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See if you use MongoDB (NXP implemented only for DBS => NoSQL) For SQL repositories, the way you perform this seems the way to go… Do you need ReadACLs turned ON? (Is performance affected if these are turned OFF?)

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