Customize without nuxeo studio

Hello, Is it possible to customize nuxeo, using only nuxeo ide without using nuxeo studio? For example create a new document type, create a workflow, etc …. Documents always bring us back to nuxeo studio.

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Everything done with Nuxeo Studio can be manually done because Nuxeo Studio only generates an XML contribution (and optionally some binary resources like images, icons…).

The documentation generally points to Nuxeo Studio because:

  • it's the easier way to write contributions
  • it manages automatic contributions upgrade.
    If an extension point changes from a Nuxeo version to another, then changing the target version in the project properties is enough, Nuxeo Studio will automatically generate the right contribution for a give version.
  • it would not be possible to maintain handwritten documentation about such technical details. For that purpose, we provide automatically generated documentation:
  • Javadoc
  • Tag Library Documentation
  • APIDoc (aka Platform Explorer)

Note you can use Studio to do some customization then analyze the generated contributions in the downloadable JAR.

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Here is a step by step tutorial to develop with nuxeo. Hope it helps.

Step 1: Pull nuxeo code from git repository ( and update the code by using python master -a

Step 2: Import the code into IntelliJ IDEA IDE.

Step 3: Build the project and create a maven run configration with following parameters: clean -DskipTests=true install -Paddons,distrib

You will find the executable built project under /YOUR_PATH_TO_NUXEO/nuxeo/nuxeo-distribution/nuxeo-server-tomcat/target/nuxeo-server-tomcat-9.2-SNAPSHOT/bin/

For detail tutorial you can see this link:

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As a small example of Julien Carsique's claim, we have the beginnings of a document-type-only Marketplace package at that works for us. Having done both, it is much quicker to use the Nuxeo Studio UI to make progress on business-specific data and workflow requirements, but it is true that everything can be done manually.

We didn't use Studio for the above project to prove that it could be done without Studio, to allow others to use that portion of our code without needing our whole Studio project, and because the document schema definitions were so repetitive that writing code to generate them was faster than manually updating them in a GUI.

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