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we are evaluating nuxeo for converting an existing application, but have hit a problem in how document types are defined. It seems that we have to fix the fields of schemas used in a document type. What we need to be able to do is to create a specific document for a specific type of asset, but then allow users to define custom properties for those documents independent of others. The document type would remain the same, but there would be additional properties defined by a given user. Whether we do this using schemas or some other trick, does not matter, but at the moment I cannot really think of a way of adding custom properties without modifying a schema


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One way to do it is to use a schema that will hold generic key/value pairs.

The SimpleConfiguration facet already contains such a schema. It provides a property sconf:simpleconfigurationparameters that contains a list of maps, each one having two keys, key and value.

Or you can roll your own (equivalent) schema.

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