Upgrade from 6.0 LTS to LTS 2019


We are currently working with Nuxeo 6.0 LTS, and we are studying the possibility of doing an upgrade from 6.0 LTS to the last Nuxeo version, LTS 2019. However, we have several doubts about the process:

1) Reading the “Upgrade” documentation, we've seen that we only can upgrade one version at once. That is, the flow we need to follow is: 6.0 LTS –> LTS 2015 –> LTS 2016 –> LTS 2017 –> LTS 2019. ¿Is this correct?

2) I don't remember where, but at some point I read that we need to keep in mind all the HotFixes when doing an upgrade. Should I keep this in mind even if I am only updating between LTS versions?

3) We know that we will have to change the views of everything due to the change from JSF UI to WebUI but, can we keep all the schemas and doctype definitions?

Thanks in advance for the help.


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1) Yes, this is correct 2) You should apply all hotfixes before jumping from one LTS to another one 3) Doctype and schema definitions are not impacted when moving to JSF UI to Web UI. All forms should be migrated though: Please follow https://doc.nuxeo.com/studio/jsf-ui-migration

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Hello Gregory,

Thank you for the answer! Doubts 1 and 3 resolved. However, I am still thinking about question 2 and your anwser. So, if we are in version 6.0 LTS, and we want to upgrade to version LTS 2015, should we apply all the 6.0 HF first? I don't understand this. If I install directly LTS 2015 for a new project, aren't HFs from version 6.0 LTS included?

I have been reading this: https://doc.nuxeo.com/admindoc/60/hotfixes-installation-notes-for-nuxeo-platform-60/ And several questions have arised:

1) At some point it is said: "Hotfixes always have dependencies on the previous hotfix. So if you need to install several hotfixes, you can download only the latest one: when you install it, it will trigger the installation of the previous hotfixes." So, in the case of version 6.0 LTS, installing HF-36 will automatically install all the previous HF?

2) Since LTS 2016, I see the following: "Hotfixes released for LTS 2016 can only be used on valid, registered Nuxeo instances.". So, if my Nuxeo instance is not registered, can't I benefit from HFs?

Thank you.


See https://answers.nuxeo.com/general/q/4452167aa44a4f3a99e0dfeff401368a/Content-of-Nuxeo-hotfixes-and-associated-release-notes :Access to the delivery mechanism of Nuxeo hotfixes requires an active Nuxeo Support contract giving access to Nuxeo Online Services.