SDK 6.0 - Hot deploy fail


We were playing with the latest SDK 6.0 on Eclipse. Our existing Operation Class was working on 5.9.5 but is not being deployed correctly in 6.0. Thus the class is not found when the operation is triggered from the event.

We created a brand new project to test. Maybe our existing operation had an issue? No luck either.

We had to rollback to 5.9.5. We really need to get moving with 6.0 though as the layout and changes are very attracting to us.

Also, in Studio, the Fast Track version shows 5.9.5 but the LTS shows 6.0 … it's not normal as Fast Track should always be ahead of LTS.

Could you guys take a look?



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There is a patch attached to this ticket: waiting for the next HF to be included.

Sorry for the inconvenience and the delay.

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Frederic Vadon told me there was an issue with this. He also told me it should have been fixed but I downloaded the latest SDK from Studio and it still doesn't work.

My plugin doesn't deploy in the server and thus my Automation Operation is not found at exec time.

It works fine in 5.9.5. Please help us solve this, it kind of blocking.

Thank you

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Is it fixed ?

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