Error encountered while creating a session using automation client.

We are having an issue creating nuxeo session using the automation client. We start the client at system startup and create and close sessions as and when required. We have a users configured in sql server. We create a session and then set the session to null. We are seeing this error intermitantly in the logs.

“Invalid use of SingleClientConnManager: connection still allocated. Make sure to release the connection before allocating another one.” Does anyone know why this is occuring ?

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I really don't understand what you did to have this trouble… Can you give us the Operation Chain you did.

We see these errors intermitantly in out logs. There is no operation chain as such. We get this while creating a session.

We startup the nuxeo client at application startup and then create sessions as when a user wants to upload files.

Our application is a spring app creator is a singleton bean. We have users configured in sqlserver which are used to create sessions. After the sessions perform the required operation the session is closed.

I hope we are not running into a race condition but as of now we havent been able to figure out how this could happen.



Session creation code session = automationClient.getSession(accountid, password);