Nuxeo LTS 2016 (8.10-HF16) > NXQL : NOT query curious behavior

Hi guys,

I've spotted a curious behavior of the NOT criteria in NXQL:

Here is a query that doesn't work:

SELECT * FROM Workspace WHERE NOT ecm:path STARTSWITH '/default-domain/UserWorkspaces'

It gives shared workspaces that have “/default-domain/workspaces” path too. Replacing in the NXQL “UserWorkspaces” with “workspaces” works fine. Strange, not?

It seems to be a regression comparing to LTS 2015.

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The query asks for all workspaces that are not under /default-domain/UserWorkspaces, so why do you say it's wrong to return /default-domain/workspaces/foobar? Such workspaces are not under /default-domain/UserWorkspaces so they match your query.

oh, my phrase is not correct. In fact this query returns both: shared workspaces under /workspaces (that it should) and personal workspaces under /UserWorkspaces (that it should not)

I can't reproduce your issue.