[SOLED] - Users are not able to Read Sections after migration From LTS2019 to LTS2021

Hi Konrad Krenzlin, Kevin Leturc, Florent Guillaume
After migration from LTS2019 to LTS2021, all users from members group are not able to Read SectionRoot although the members group have Read SectionRoot in ACL.

I ran the function select nx_rebuild_read_acls(); but it does not work.

How Can I repair the Read ACL on the SectionRoot ?

In attached image, you can see a user with no document list at the SectionRoot and members group ACL on Read.

Thanks for your help

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As we can see members have access to the SectionRoot content in the navigation tree. Do you try to re-index ?


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Hello, After forcing re-index on section with the uuid and entire workspace repository documents are back. Thanks