Nuxeo 5.5 DM auditing file and folder access

Hello guys:

How can I configure Nuxeo 5.5 DM for auditing file and folder access?

Thanks in advance.

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You have this add-on:

This add-on has not been released for Nuxeo 5.5, but may work. You have to test it.

If you have a service contract with Nuxeo, you will just have to:

  • register your instance with your identifier
  • go to the Admin Center > Update Center
  • Uncheck “Show only packages compatible with my distribution”
  • Click on “audit-web-access-1.0.4” download button
  • Click on Install
  • Click on Restart

Now you will have access logs on your document in the history tab.

If you don't have contract, you have also the possibility to install it (as we are open source):

  • Get “nuxeo-platform-audit-web-access” jar in
  • Copy it into the bundle directory of your Nuxeo instance
  • restart the server.

Have fun !

Be careful, this add-on will reduce the response time as each navigation event will create a new line into the audit table. You have to be sure you want that.

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