Single user - Pricing plans for less than 50 concurrent user

Precondition: We are a small company with almost 10 people. Is there a plan for such an environment or even for single users too??

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Hi, Nuxeo Cloud is priced based on the initial resources allocated.

For the Economy pack, this includes 1.7 GB of memory, 5 EC2 Compute Units, 350 GB of instance storage. See

This is, on average, a good fit for approximately 50 users and would obviously work for less users.

Nuxeo has no pricing per single users. Note that Nuxeo Cloud remains a platform as a service: you would be able to customize your own Nuxeo Application to fit the needs of your company. This is mostly the reason why there is not a “per user” of Nuxeo Cloud.

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No question - Economy would work. That was not really the issue. But the monthly cost per user between $29.- (50 users) and $145.- (10 user) is a negative factor in budgeting. But hey that's business. I understand - to small to be target market. Cheers.

Unfortunately the base cost of the Amazon cloud is very steep, so I think it's difficult for Nuxeo to offer a smaller plan, especially considering that a Connect subscription is wrapped into the solution - providing access to Studio, updates, etc. If you're looking for a less expensive solution for a smaller office then maybe you can look to a more traditional hosted/virtual server solution.

Indeed. Nuxeo Cloud is really about the whole platform as a Service. Subscribing to Nuxeo Cloud you access to your own Nuxeo environment and your own application, that you can customize (with Studio) as much as you want to fit your specific needs, which doesnt really make sens for a single user. @dswiss: what you look for might be more an access to a hosted version of Nuxeo out of the box, priced per user access or one of the options Bruce recommends. Both of them are not provided by Nuxeo though technically totally possible, and Nuxeo Partners might provide that.