Automation chain with unique dc:title


I would like to only allow the creation of documents with a single dc title, but the user to enter metadata.I've tried to do a query, and then, delete the docuemnt, but I have a lot problems. What would be the best option?

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Please clarify…Is your requirement to define a new folder type, say 'Unicity Folder', that ensures the names of its child documents (based on their titles) are unique?


I'll try to explain better…

First, the user put his documents with their dc:title, whatever he wants, for instance A1. But, I want unique documents in my system , I mean documents that not have repited their dc:title.

So, I made automation chain which searching the same dc:title (with a Fetch Query) and…. if This.size()=0, create document; if not erase the document. But I had a lot of problems when I erased the document…

Any advice?

Thank you very much

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You cannot reliably enforce uniqueness of child titles within a folder using an automation chain. This must be done at a much lower level in the system which includes adding a unique conditional database constraint on the hierarchy table parentid and name columns for VCS-based Nuxeo deployments. A DBS-based deployment has a dependency on a Nuxeo Shared State Manager being implemented.

I am looking to contribute to the Nuxeo community a nuxeo-unicity-folder marketplace add-on that defines a new document type, 'Unicity Folder', that prevents its children from having duplicate dc:titles. This type of folder is intended to mimic the behavior of a directory in a traditional file system. A user that wants all folders in the domain to have this behavior could customize the Document Type configuration for the Domain accordingly.

Let me know if the nuxeo-unicity-folder add-on described above would be of interest to you.