trying to find a document in Relation tab is too slow

Using the autocomplete widget trying to find a document in the relation tab is extremly slow, and most of the time does not provide a result

The postmaster process goes up to 100%

Of course, the search process keeps running in background leading to this kind of error

"Votre demande n'a pas été prise en compte, car vous avez déjà une requête en cours de traitement, merci de patienter."

The same search in the quick search widget behaves normally (from 1 to 5 seconds depending on server load)

There is some trace in the log about a Malformed security token :

I'm running Nuxeo 5.8.

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This problem goes on

Here is the generated query that takes about 2 mn to complete :



The malformed security token errors seem to be linked to the opensocial dashboard (where shinding is involved), in which case this is unrelated to the original issue.

The quick search suggestion is not using the same code, maybe the select2 widget is an issue in your case because too many requests are sent to the server (see, but that's just a guess.

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For sure, there are some problems with the auto complete feature that does not seem to invalidate previous queries, but I take care of typing only 3 characters so that this problem does not interfere.

The pasted query is the only slow query that occurs.